Dysport Injections

Without altering the overall appearance of your face, Dysport is an injectable that is used to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe brow (frown lines), eye (crow's feet), and mouth (line) wrinkles. You can freely express facial expressions, like smiling, in untreated areas because the facial muscles there are still able to function normally. Results could last up to four months, depending on the area treated.

The muscles repeatedly contracting and tightening over time results in wrinkles. Dysport interferes with the nerve's ability to send signals to the muscles, which ultimately reduces muscle activity and momentarily prevents the muscles that cause frown lines from contracting.

Four months is the maximum duration of Dysport.
It's crucial to remember that you shouldn't receive Dysport treatments more frequently than once every 90 days.

For years, Dysport injections have been used to safely and successfully treat a variety of neurological and ophthalmologic conditions. Though uncommon, some side effects can still happen. The most frequent adverse reactions are brief soreness or light bruising near the injection site. After treatment, some people may experience a mild headache that lasts for several hours; in this case, taking a mild painkiller is safe. Ptosis, or a drooping eyelid, can occur in a very small percentage of patients and can have a few-day or four-week duration. Ptosis, which is typically caused by injector error or a lack of injector experience, is not thought of as a typical side effect.

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